Qualcomm Details OnePlus 5's Snapdragon 835-Enabled Features

Qualcomm Snapdragon OnePlus 5 Launch Screenshot

Qualcomm on Tuesday detailed all of the Snapdragon 835-enabled features of the OnePlus 5 shortly after the Chinese original equipment manufacturer (OEM) officially announced its latest Android flagship. The San Diego, California-based semiconductor company stated that its chip allows the new OnePlus device to boast support for the 802.11ac 2×2 MU-MIMO technology and achieve up to 600Mbps in download speeds, in addition to being compatible with the new Bluetooth 5.00 standard and Qualcomm’s TruSignal antenna tuning solution. Other key features of the OnePlus 5 enabled by Qualcomm’s new piece of 64-bit silicon include the Hexagon digital signal processor (DSP) and Spectra 180 image sensor processor (ISP), both of which operate in harmony to allow the handset to achieve extremely high speeds of processing photos and videos, the company claims.

The bokeh effect that the BBK Electronics-owned firm boasted about while talking about the dual camera setup of its new Android flagship is specifically powered by numerous custom-made algorithms that rely on Qualcomm’s technological solutions to operate in an efficient manner, and the same goes for many of the device’s primary shooting modes, including the Smart Capture functionality that efficiently balances the mechanical optics of the phone with its software in an effort to provide stable zoomed recordings, the tech giant said, concluding that all consumers who care about imaging quality are bound to be impressed by the OnePlus 5.

Both Qualcomm and OnePlus stated that they were pleased to continue their partnership with the OnePlus 5, indicating that the two parties will keep collaborating in the future. This turn of events isn’t surprising in light of the fact that the Shenzhen, Guangdong-based electronics maker has been using Qualcomm’s SoCs since 2014 and the OnePlus One, its very first phone that was powered by the Snapdragon 801. The 10nm piece of silicon present in the OnePlus 5 is certainly one of its hallmark features, though the handset itself isn’t lacking in most other departments, either; boasting 6GB / 8GB of RAM, 64GB / 128GB of internal flash storage, the aforementioned imaging setup, and a 5.5-inch Full HD display panel, the company’s latest smartphone should be able to directly compete with all contemporary Android flagships on the market while simultaneously being significantly cheaper, starting at $479.