Product Manager Addresses Criticism Of OnePlus 5's Design

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One Product Manager at OnePlus recently took to Chinese Q&A board Zhihu to address some recent criticism of the OnePlus 5’s design. With the Shenzhen, Guangdong-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recently revealing the first official render of its latest Android flagship, some consumers took online to voice their displeasure about its overall look, criticizing the company for making a device that features an unappealing camera bump and is too similar to the Apple iPhone 7 series, among other things. The firm’s employee drew a parallel between those reactions and those that surfaced following the unveiling of the OnePlus 3, stating that they still remember how some consumers were mocking images of the device published by Chinese telecommunications regulator TENAA and saying that the phone was “generic” and “ugly.” Many of those same critics later changed their minds after getting the opportunity to use the OnePlus 3, the company’s Product Manager said, adding how they believe history will repeat itself with the OnePlus 5.

The same source added that “a flat picture” can hardly be completely representative of an actual device, asserting that consumers should give the OnePlus 5 a chance before making any final conclusions on the handset. The Product Manager also specifically referred to the criticism of the camera bump present on the rear panel of the OnePlus 5, stating that smartphone development is an “art” that requires making compromises and currently doesn’t allow for high-end image quality in a completely flat setup. In an effort to significantly improve the photo and video recording capabilities of the OnePlus 5 over those of its predecessor, the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer had no choice but to design a device whose imaging setup protrudes through its back plate, the company’s employee said.

All of the aforementioned arguments may be substantiated after the OnePlus 5 hits the market later this month, with the handset being scheduled for an official unveiling on June 20. According to earlier reports, the BBK Electronics-owned company is planning to release the OnePlus 5 shortly after announcing it and will be offering it in two variants boasting 6GB of RAM /64GB of flash memory and 8GB RAM / 128GB of storage space, respectively. Both models will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and offered in a handful of colors, according to previous teasers released by the Chinese OEM.