Popular Kodi Add-On Library 'TVAddons' Suddenly Offline


TVAddons, a popular library for unofficial Kodi adds-ons, has seemingly gone offline, along with virtually all online traces of the service. This not only includes the actual TVAddons library accessible via aspects like Kodi, but also the TVAddons website which is no longer accessible, and social media accounts which reportedly have now been disabled. Leading to the assumption by some that TVAddons has closed down.

In the past, Kodi has been the subject of much debate and controversy due to its ability to be used beyond its intended purpose – a media player – and specifically, that third-party "add-ons' could use the Kodi service to offer users access to content, both official and unofficial. Where TVAddons somewhat differed from third-party add-ons is that it acted as a sort of library for the various third-party add-ons, again both legal and illegal ones. Not only providing an easier route to locating add-ons, but also to a degree assisting in the installation process. A combination which has led to a number of reports coming through of late confirming that TVAddons, along with other services, had become the subject of a court battle initiated by Dish Network.

Which has naturally led to the assumption that this latest development (the reported closure of the site and service) is part of that ongoing battle. However, reports are also noting how sudden and abrupt the closure has been, resulting in some confusion on the matter. For instance, unlike some of the other Kodi add-ons that have recently closed (again, thought to be due to the ongoing legal issue), TVAddons has not announced it is shutting down. If anything, beyond the reports (and the current lack of response from the website/service), there has been no correspondence from TVAddons to the media at all. Leading to an alternative assumption that the closure might not be the result of TVAddons, but a third-party – the service did not close down, but was closed down. Although, the lack of communication on this has also led to an entirely different assumption by others, that the service is not shutting down at all and is just currently in a transitional state. Either way, without any firm confirmation from TVAddons, the details on this largely remain speculative. In the meantime though, it does seem clear that TVAddons is currently offline, with no current information available as to when, or if, it will become active again.

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