Pick Up the Samsung Chromebook Plus for $341 – 6/15/17

June 15, 2017 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Currently, Best Buy’s eBay store has the Samsung Chromebook Plus available for $340.99. This is an “Open-Box” model, which means it was bought and returned, and it wasn’t in a customers hands that long – which makes it a step above used. This is about $100 off of the regular price, which is $449.99.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is the cheaper of the two models that Samsung announced this year. The Chromebook Plus runs on a Rockchip processor, which is an ARM-based processor so it’s not as powerful as the Chromebook Pro. It does still have 4GB of RAM, so there’s plenty of power for most users. The Chromebook Plus does have support for Android apps and games, so you can use your favorite apps on the Chromebook Plus’ touchscreen display. Samsung has also included the S Pen in the Chromebook Plus, which is a bit of an interesting feature, but it does work well with the Android app functionality that is here.

eBay is offering up free shipping on the Chromebook Plus. Unfortunately, this one can’t be picked up at your local Best Buy store, but it does ship from various warehouses around the US. So it should still arrive on your doorstep pretty quickly. Finally, you do still get the standard Samsung warranty on this Chromebook Plus.

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