OnePlus Says OnePlus 5's Should "Normally" Arrive This Week

OnePlus says that OnePlus 5 devices should "normally" arrive this week for those who placed their orders within a certain time frame. The company has been holding an Ask Me Anything over on Reddit today and answering questions from a varied spread of users, and although not all questions are being answered or getting responses, it seems that OnePlus is choosing the most relevant questions to answer.

In regards to orders placed for OnePlus' new phone and when they should arrive, OnePlus states that orders fulfilled are based on when the orders are placed, meaning consumers who placed their orders for the phone first should be the consumers who are getting their phones first. That seems like a pretty logical way to run things and it makes a lot of sense from a standpoint of honoring consumers in an orderly manner. According to some users on Reddit though in response to this answer from OnePlus, the Early Drop system that OnePlus set up for orders of the OnePlus 5 didn't exactly happen the way it seems it may have been intended.

According to one user, there are reportedly complaints or mentions from some consumers who ordered the OnePlus 5 through the Early Drop system both during and directly after the keynote for the device, but haven't yet received their orders for the phone. The same user mentions that orders placed immediately after it was made available to make a purchase should have arrived June 23rd, but that wasn't necessarily the case for everyone, and that some users who placed orders the day following the keynote were seeing orders on the 23rd as expected while orders placed the day of the announcement haven't arrived yet. For consumers who have placed their early orders for the OnePlus 5 as of last week, keeping an eye out for the phone shipment to show up on your doorstep this week is a recommended approach, as it may end up arriving within the next few days. In addition to this particular response, OnePlus also mentioned in the AMA that it had no plans right now to implement expandable storage, and that it has no plans to manufactured a tablet.

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