OnePlus 5's Kernel Sources & Device Trees Already Available

OnePlus 5 1114

As suspected, OnePlus just released all kernel source codes and device trees for the OnePlus 5, its latest Android flagship that was officially announced earlier today. The release sets a major precedent for the company that already gained a reputation for supporting a rapidly growing third-party developer community attracted to its product portfolio, with the firm now providing enthusiasts will all the main information they need to start developing custom software for the OnePlus 5. Adam Krisko, the phone maker’s Beta Project Manager and Dev Relations Specialist, took to the company’s official forums to announce the release of device trees and kernel sources for the OnePlus 5, adding that the Shenzhen, Guangdong-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is not only keen on continuing to support its loyal developer community in the future but also wants to build on that relationship. The latter is the reason why the firm put extra effort into making sure that the kernel source code and other relevant assets pertaining to the OnePlus 5 are available to its developers from day one, Krisko said.

The phone maker’s official also praised previous achievements of third-party developers focused on OnePlus devices and proclaimed that everyone at the BBK Electronics-owned tech giant is eager to see what this group of dedicated programmers will be able to do with the OnePlus 5. While developers are bound to come up with a broad range of useful tools for the newly unveiled device, the OxygenOS build shipping with the OnePlus 5 already boasts a wide variety of new features and functionalities that should improve the overall user experience of the handset. Apart from numerous new camera modes and performance enhancements, the flagship also supports a color temperature calibration tool which can even be automated thanks to the inclusion of an ambient light sensor.

Like all of the company’s previous devices, the OnePlus 5 is meant to be a flexible handset that provides users with a lot of choices in terms of software they want to run on it without losing their warranty. While the consumer electronics manufacturer has now decided to slightly increase the price of its new flagship compared to its previous offerings, the OnePlus 5 is still expected to appeal to enthusiasts that love tinkering with Android as much as using it.

Download OnePlus 5's Kernel Sources & Devices Trees