New Leaked OnePlus 5 Image Reportedly Official Design

OnePlus 5 Leak Official

A new leaked OnePlus 5 image is reportedly the official design of the new phone, and is the second leaked image of the device that has surfaced just today. In the image above the design showcases a horizontal dual rear camera along with the LED flash module to the right of the camera sensors on the back, and you also get a clear picture of the priority slider on the left hand side of the device as well. Both the rear-facing cameras and the slider are elements of the device’s rumored official design that match up with the earlier leaked image which shows the whole device from the back as well as both the left and right sides, but not the front.

This most recent image looks mostly like an official press render of the phone, and although it doesn’t show off the entire device between it and the image from earlier this morning most of the design aspects seem to be clear. There still hasn’t been an official shot of the front of the device that has surfaced yet, but that may very well pop up sometime between now and the OnePlus 5’s official announcement date, which is now known to be happening on June 20th according to the confirmation that went out this morning as well.

The OnePlus 5 has been confirmed by OnePlus to have a Full HD display and come with a Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm inside to power the computing needs of the phone, but that’s about all that has been mentioned in regards to hardware specifications for now, and it’s possible that OnePlus may choose to not share any more details about the device specs until they make the official announcement. Judging by the image, the OnePlus 5 will come in a matte finish, and so far the design that now seems to be official has only been seen in a Black color, though OnePlus has typically launched its past flagships in more than one color so there may be another color option at launch. Even with no other specs confirmed as of yet, the device is still suspected to be comparable to other flagships from this year, and include a high amount of RAM, excellent quality camera sensors on both the front and back, and incorporate a fingerprint sensor as well as come optimized for delivering a very smooth experience.