The Nest Cam IQ Has Started Shipping To Buyers

Nest Cam IQ Lifestyle 3

The Nest Cam IQ has started shipping to buyers for those who placed pre-order purchases for it, and the units will be available for full purchase out of a pre-order status on June 30th according to Amazon’s listing for the indoor security camera. The Nest Cam IQ comes in a single pack or a two-pack depending on how many are needed, and in addition to being available from Amazon consumers will also be able to buy the Nest Cam IQ from Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, Lowes, and other retailers. Single units will be available for $299 while the two-pack will be available for $498, so if you do need two, buying the pack will save you $100, and if you want more coverage and are considering four cameras, buying two double packs will save about $200.

The Nest Cam IQ was initially announced back on May 31st and though it offers much of what the original Nest Cam has it improves upon the Nest Cam with quite a few features, like being able to intelligently detect when it needs to alert you about movements. More specifically it can tell when the movement it senses in the home is from something like a cat or a dog, or a person that probably shouldn’t be there, and then alerts you accordingly or skips alerting you because it knows the movement is just from your pet. This alone if it were the only change would be a huge benefit as it could save people from having to continuously check their phones due to incoming alerts.

In addition to the intelligent nature of the camera’s detection system the Nest Cam IQ also comes with high quality video using a 4K image sensor, and it features facial recognition software that allows it to learn familiar faces so it can tell the difference between those it sees every single day from those it may have never seen or only seen once or twice. On top of all this is also provides audio alerts because let’s face it, cameras may not always be able to capture everything, and this is where the audio alerts can be pretty useful.

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