Mysterious 'Huawei Poésie' Trademark Application Filed In EU

By Dominik Bosnjak June 16, 2017, 2:46am
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Huawei recently filed for a "HUAWEI Poésie" trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as evidenced by a set of documents published by the EU agency on Wednesday. The Chinese original equipment manufacturer (OEM) submitted the trademark under the Nice Classification Number 9, stating that the term is related to everything from smartphones, handset accessories, and batteries to artificial intelligence (AI) robots, smartglasses, smartwatches, and other kinds of wearables. While extremely comprehensive trademark classifications are a common industry practice, Huawei's description of goods and services associated with the term indicates that "HUAWEI Poésie" may be the name of one of the company's future product lineups. "Poésie" means "poetry" in French, making this the first instance of the Chinese tech giant trademarking a specifically French term.

Being submitted only 48 hours ago, the filing is still inspected by the competent authority and will likely be approved or denied later this year. EUIPO's initial examinations usually take several months to be completed and if the agency has any complaints regarding the filing, Huawei will have two more months to address them, so even if the company encounters any obstacles in its efforts to trademark the term "HUAWEI Poésie," the matter should still be resolved by the end of 2017. The filing was submitted on behalf of Huawei by British law firm Forresters that specializes in European intellectual property law, though the company has yet to make any attempts to trademark the same term in its home country or the United States, two of its other key markets.

The Shenzhen-based consumer electronics manufacturer has been shifting its focus from China to the global market in recent years, often stating its ambitions to become the largest phone maker in the world by surpassing Apple and Samsung. The company is seemingly planning to do so by adopting a strategy that's somewhat similar to that of its South Korean competitor - releasing a wide variety of products on a regular basis in an effort to provide consumers with as much choice as possible, thus lowering the chances that they will switch to a competing brand. If the firm is planning to maintain that business approach going forward, introducing a new product lineup would seemingly be in line with such a strategy. Whether that new electronics series will be referred to as "HUAWEI Poésie" or something else remains to be seen but more details on the matter may follow in the coming months.

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June 16, 2017, 2:46am
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