Motorola Solutions To Provide Software For FirstNet Network

Motorola Solutions Logo

Motorola Solutions has today announced that it will be bringing a suite of apps, services, and specifically-designed software to devices that make use of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) network, adding that some of the mobile apps will revolve around mapping and messaging. While the services in general will be designed to work with land mobile radio networks (LMR), as well as the FirstNet network, acting as a solution which can bridge the gap between the two technologies.

As part of the same announcement, Motorola Solutions also confirmed that it will be working “hand-in-hand” with AT&T in deploying the apps, services, and software to those devices on the FirstNet network. This is of course, due to AT&T having been the carrier awarded the contract to build out the the FirstNet network, back in March of this year. With the announcement further adding that the LEX F10 by Motorola Solutions (currently available on Verizon’s network as the LEX L10) has been certified to work on AT&T’s LTE network. Suggesting that along with the software on offer, the LEX F10 will also likely be one of the devices available to those using FirstNet.

The general idea behind this network, is that it is one which can be utilized by first responders, without having to worry about the quality or the consistency of connections or connected devices. Although, what is likely to be of even more benefit to those using FirstNet is the actual unification of a single network that is used by all of the various agencies and individuals. Providing a single framework which allows interaction between users to be more seamless, efficient, and direct. As for Motorola Solutions, this is already a company that has a proven track record in bringing devices and products to market which specifically cater to the likes of government agencies, and with a focus on public safety. The LEX F10 being a prime example. This is a device described by Motorola Solutions as a “mission critical handheld” device, and is one which couples access to apps and services available from the Google Play Store, with features and a user interface designed to meet the needs of public safety workers and officials.