Mojo Is A New Android App That Rewards Conscientious Drivers


TrueMotion has released a brand new application called Mojo: Rewards for Safe Driving, in an attempt to help put an end to distracted driving. Positive reinforcement is often touted as the best tool for changing behaviors and that's what the new app seems bent on proving. In short, Mojo incentivizes safe driving, with its key features being driving scores to show how well a driver is doing and to compete with friends, feedback to help drivers break their bad habits, and "nudges" to remind them to put down their device while driving, as well as rewards for successfully driving without becoming distracted. The app was added to the Google Play Store on May 25 and is now available for download worldwide by following the link below.

The approach being pursued by TrueMotion that has already been taken up by others, such as Fitbit and even some insurance companies. Those other apps are based around the idea that users should be rewarded with achievements and be able to compete with friends in worthwhile endeavors. Mojo takes this philosophy a step further and even offers a chance to spin a wheel and win gift cards and other prizes after going without being distracted while on the road for specified periods of time. The only real drawback to the app is that it does require a Facebook account to log in and while Facebook is pretty prevalent, that could be a problem to a minority of users.

With all of that said, it's important to note that while distracted driving is illegal in most states, driving while texting or talking on the phone is a serious cause for concern everywhere. It is often at least as dangerous as driving while intoxicated; driving at 60 miles per hour, a vehicle is moving at around 88 feet per second. So, even if a driver only takes two seconds to read a message and five seconds to respond, he or she has traveled around 616 feet without really paying attention to the road conditions. So Mojo: Rewards for Safe Driving is likely a worthwhile download for any drivers out there who feel like they need some incentive to not get distracted while driving.


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