Logitech MX Master 2S Review

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Logitech is a pretty big name when it comes to mice, especially gaming and productivity mice. It has seen great success with the MX line of mice, with the Performance MX, then the MX Master and now the company has debuted the MX Master 2S. The MX Master 2S isn't a huge upgrade over the MX Master, although you wouldn't expect it to be one, since it was already a pretty darn good mouse. But the biggest change here is Flow. Which allows you to seamlessly jump between operating systems with the MX Master 2S.

First things first, connectivity. Like the MX Master before it, the MX Master 2S has two ways of connecting to your laptop, desktop or even tablet. And that is by using the included USB dongle, or via Bluetooth. Now if you have an older computer (or perhaps a cheaper, lower-end one), you may not have Bluetooth. So you can plug in the USB dongle and you'll be good to go. It's literally plug-and-play, there's really nothing else that needs to be installed or anything. Now if you go the Bluetooth route, all you need to do is hit the button on the bottom of the mouse, this will put it into pairing mode, and you can pair it with up to three devices. You can switch between those devices with that button as well. Now, connecting over USB will definitely give you a better connection, but we've had no issues with the Bluetooth on the MX Master 2S, so there's nothing to worry about here.


As was mentioned already, the Logitech MX Master 2S does have the capability of connecting to three different machines. You can connect it to different laptops (perhaps your work computer and your personal computer), which is a nice feature to have. This isn't new, Logitech actually started this with the MX Master before it. Now the change here is Flow. Allowing you to seamlessly switch between different operating systems with ease. If you've used Windows and macOS, you'll know that the mouse functionality does differ a bit on the two, so Flow is a nice feature to have. Now this scenario likely won't happen often, but with Flow, you can actually use the MX Master 2S on two different computers, at the same time. Now that is pretty neat, but as we said, likely not a popular task that would be carried out by users.

Now there are some extra buttons on the side, which are more useful on Windows and when gaming, but you can customize these buttons. Now the only button I customized, is the flat one on the left side where my thumb rests. I have changed that to be the shortcut for taking screenshots, instead of command+shift+4 (on macOS). It's a bit easier, and much faster to take screenshots this way. Of course, you could also use it for other things. Logitech's software gives out a number of options for you to use. Although I think most people will stick to just the left and right mouse buttons here.

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Those that sit at a computer all day (which is most of us), will find comfort a big feature in any mouse. The MX Master 2S, like its predecessors, is really comfortable to use. Logitech says that it has a "hand-sculpted shape", which it really does, and that helps it to feel more natural in the hand. But it does also mean that this is a big mouse, compared to the MX Anywhere 2S that was announced alongside it. But it's worth the extra money and size. It can still be tossed into your bag. Speaking of travel, battery life is another important aspect of this mouse. Now there isn't a removable battery, so you don't need to stock up on AA batteries here. Instead you can charge it via micro USB. It would definitely have been nice to see Logitech switch to USB-C, but micro USB is still much, much more popular. So it's more likely that users have a micro USB cable laying around to charge it. Logitech says that the battery life would last around 70 days. Obviously that's something that we can't really talk about, since the MX Master 2S has only been available for a couple of weeks so far. But so far in our testing, it looks to offer some pretty good battery life.

The MX Master 2S is a great mouse for gaming. We used it in plenty of games over the past few weeks, and loved how great it felt in the hand. Of course, with the precision tracking, it makes it a lot more fun for gaming. The MX Master 2S also has a "unique scrolling experience" which allows you to go from smooth slow scrolling (like when you're reading something) to fast scrolling (like when you're wanting to get to the bottom of the page), pretty quickly. This is another feature that launched with the MX Master, and got improved on the MX Master 2S.


All in all, the MX Master 2S is a somewhat incremental upgrade to the MX Master, and that's not a bad thing. This is a mouse we're talking about here, so you shouldn't expect a huge upgrade with the next generation. But it is enough to warrant buying it. The Logitech MX Master 2S is available for $99, right now it is a bit backordered since it just launched, but you can still buy it and it'll ship once it's available. Logitech sells it in graphite, midnight teal and light grey colors.

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