LG Will Reportedly Begin R&D With A.I. Technology

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LG will reportedly begin research and development with A.I. technology according to details from Yohap News. In addition to committing time and effort to researching artificial intelligence and applying that sort of technology to its future devices, LG is said to have created an entire division devoted to the research and development of A.I., which might signify that consumers will see a lot more of LG’s products either coming with some sort of A.I.-based features or come with a direct-facing A.I. feature that the user interacts with, such as a digital assistant.

LG plans to develop A.I technology for a number of different uses, including the use of A.I. in LG’s home appliances products, smartphones, and even in some of the auto parts that LG manufactures. LG’s efforts won’t be limited to just these areas though as it will also reportedly seek to develop A.I. technology for use in other markets and products, though nothing specifically was mentioned beyond those above. LG’s new A.I. division is said to consist of two different centers, one dealing with robotics and another dealing with A.I. specifically.


Smart robotics and deep learning are to be two of the areas within each center where LG will be looking to develop new technology through the start of its research, and although LG is just now reportedly looking to open a division that is dedicated to this area of technology, it wouldn’t be the first time that LG has used A.I. and smart robotics in some of its products. LG has already launched a robotic vacuum which has become a very popular area of the technology and smart home market with numerous brands all putting out their own version of a device aimed at cleaning the home for the consumer. While assistant services that are powered by A.I. technology are mentioned as part of LG’s focus, currently LG doesn’t have any A.I.-based assistant features in its products. That particular area is currently handled by Google’s Assistant feature that resides in the LG G6, and it may stay that way for the foreseeable future as there is no mention of how  long LG has been doing work with this type of technology.