LG G6 (H870) Bootloader Unlocking Now Officially Supported

LG G6 AH 2

The LG G6 has now been added to the list of smartphones which LG officially supports for bootloader unlocking. To be specific, it is the H870 model of the LG G6 which is meant for the European market that can now be unlocked. If you own this particular variant of LG’s latest flagship and have been thinking of unlocking its bootloader, you do not have to look for third-party tools anymore and can simply follow the officially supported method.

With an unlocked bootloader, users will be able to use their LG G6 to its full potential as they’ll be provided with the opportunity to do things like flash a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM, root the device, and flash custom ROMs onto it. The root access can further help you accomplish tasks like overclocking the processor frequency, improving battery life, and creating a full backup of your handset. If you are new to all this, you can visit the LG Developer website linked beneath this writing to get all relevant information related to unlocking the bootloader of the LG G6, including involved risks. Regarding the latter, even though LG officially supports bootloader unlocking for some of its models including the LG G6, LG G5, and LG V20; your warranty will still be voided once you use the company’s tool.

In other news related to the LG G6, LG is rumored to be working on two new models of its latest flagship, namely the G6 Plus and G6 Pro which are said to be meant for the South Korean market. The smartphones are expected to arrive later this month and offer different amounts of internal storage and price tags compared to the original model. The South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer is also said to be in the process of developing the LG V30, a successor to last year’s V-series flagship that’s expected to be released later this year. The company has recently been hard at work trying to bounce back from its recent struggles in the smartphone market in an effort to return to profit and an update on its efforts to do so should follow shortly.