Latest Magisk Beta Build Brings SafetyNet Detection Fix

Pokemon GO Magisk Manager e1475596037181

The developer of Magisk has released a new beta version build for users which brings workaround for Google’s SafetyNet detection. It basically means that once you have the latest Magisk beta build installed, SafetyNet will not be able to detect root and Magisk installation on your Android device. The updated build carries the version number 13.0 (a90e8b6)/(96f8efc) and is available for all devices which feature compatibility with Magisk and the Magisk Manager app.

Magisk has been able to bypass SafetyNet’s security checks since its initial days but recently, Google made these checks stricter and harder to get around them. It goes without saying that the decision was taken to make sure that all apps and games relying on SafetyNet to detect root access and Magisk installation continue to be successful in detecting their presence on the device. In response, the developer topjohnwu “changed the flashing script to a little more aggressive” and was able to bypass even the newer and stricter security checks. Additionally, the latest Magisk beta build comes with Magisk Manager v5.0.2 which is the latest version of the app which helps in managing all things which Magisk is able to perform including the ability to download and install Magisk modules. But it should be noted that the Magisk version 13 or above requires you to have Magisk Manager v5.0.0 or higher otherwise you will be facing compatibility issues like force close.

For the uninitiated, Magisk is a system-less Android root interface which allows users to get root access on their device without making any changes to the system partition. The best part is that it also hides it from apps which don’t run if there is root access by bypassing security checks like the ones included with SafetyNet. The latter is basically a set of services and APIs from Google which apps like banking apps, apps with DRM-protected content, and games can use to detect potential security threats like device tampering and potentially harmful apps. As Google has become more active than ever in keeping such moves in check, it will be interesting to see whether Magisk will be able to keep up at the same pace, but it is worth mentioning that the developer has already started to look for different ways to avoid detection.