The Latest Google Home Ad Promotes Showing It Off To Friends

The latest Google Home ad promotes showing it off to your friends when they come over. While not everyone has a Google Home, and it might be a while before a majority of consumers own one or a similar product that offers the same types of features, for those that do there's a high chance that showing off this new piece of tech and what it can do was one of the first priorities upon setting it up. That makes this new ad pretty accurate in regards to what consumers are doing with their speakers.

Sure, there is tons of use and interaction outside of those times you might be showing your friends all the coolest stuff that Google Home is capable of, but there's no better feeling than introducing a friend who has an equally huge passion for technology to your latest gadget, especially when that gadget is capable of doing things for you around the house automatically provided you have it hooked up to your other smart, connected products. The hands-free nature itself is simply cool enough to warrant excitement from other potential consumers whether it's completing a particularly difficult task or not, and its these sorts of interactions that could turn a potential customer into a customer who just has to have their own unit.

The new ad is one of a series of new videos that Google will be posting on its YouTube channel it seems (and which will likely make their way to television soon enough), and it's also the first ad, popping up about four hours ago while a second ad titled "Google Home: Celebrity" was posted about two hours ago, in which it suggests Google Home owners might feel like celebrities with personal assistants because they can ask Google Home to do stuff for them and it simply gets done without having to lift a finger. There's truthfully no telling if Google will decide to continue expanding on these new Google Home ads with additional videos that follow along with the same style, but if it does have plans to do so the videos will end up on its official YouTube channel at some point with the others.

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