InstaVR Debuts 360 Video Streaming Of Unlimited Length


InstaVR has announced that it will now allow creators to stream videos of unlimited length through their VR platform, adding how that offer extends to 360-degree videos. Videos in any resolution up to 8K are supported in both 2D and 360-degree modes, meaning that creators can bring a premium experience to even the highest-end VR platforms. The videos do not have a size or length limit, but creators only have 500GB of monthly video bandwidth at the Pro account tier. More bandwidth can be bought as needed, or creators can simply point their creations to videos that are hosted and delivered elsewhere. The tool brings unlimited-length 360-degree streaming video to Android, Daydream, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive, among other ecosystems.

InstaVR was designed for easy creation of VR content, meaning that this move could see VR video grow as a medium in the long term, or at least that's what the company may be hoping will happen. While YouTube allows for uploading of 360-degree videos just like any other video on the service, InstaVR is not only almost as easy to use as YouTube for video uploading and sharing but is the only service to allow the creation of VR experiences with built-in videos, all without any coding or any of the usual rigors of VR design. This means that the barrier of entry for the creation of VR video experiences has been vastly lowered; a real estate agent could easily make a VR tour of a home with a video presentation about the firm's closing procedures, costs, and other considerations playing on a TV, for example.

The ease of use, low cost, and wide platform compatibility puts InstaVR in a good position to help the medium along by bringing novice creators into the fold who may not otherwise have gotten into VR development. The service recently added in single-click publishing of VR content built for Google's Daydream platform and boasts full support for just about any VR experience a creator may want to make. InstaVR includes a wide range of resources and assets for aspiring developers, allowing easy point-and-click authoring of a number of more generic VR experiences while simultaneously leaving enough flexibility in the platform to allow the creation of more complex VR experiences such as games.

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