Incoming Allo Update Will Let You Start Duo Calls From Chat

AH Google Allo 41

An incoming Allo update will let you start Duo calls right from your chats according to a post from Allo’s Head of Product, Amit Fulay. While the update doesn’t seem to have started hitting devices just yet, at least not on a wide scale, Fulay mentions the update is coming in a Twitter Tweet that was posted earlier today. What’s more is that there are additional features to be added into this update as well so users will likely want to keep an eye out for it to hit.

That said, Fulay didn’t immediately say anything about what the other new features are, but when asked if anything else was included in the update Fulay responded to a user on Twitter by stating that “there is a lot more in this version” and that he would send out some follow up tweets in a little while that would explain what these new features were. So far Fulay has only tweeted once more about Allo since the announcement of the update, adding that Allo will also now let you put stickers on your photos that you share with others while inside an Allo chat. There’s no telling if any of the remaining unknown new features that are being added to the Allo app are bigger or smaller than the two mentioned above, but perhaps the reference to “a lot more” being available in this version of Allo points to some exciting stuff on the horizon.

App updates usually take days to roll out to all users, so if the Allo update is launching today then there is no doubt that some users will probably see it come in before the day is over, but the reality is that a majority of the Allo users may not see the update for a day or two or three. If you use both Allo and Duo and are looking forward to being able to make calls from a chat to another user who also uses both apps, then it’s a good idea to watch the My Apps list of the Play Store and see what updates are available for installation throughout the day. While starting Duo calls from a chat is certainly convenient, the stickers on photos could be particularly useful in that it can help label what exactly is being shared in the image, like the photo below for example, which isn’t immediately clear that it’s of a golf course, but thanks to the sticker users won’t be confused or have to ask.