HTC U11 Gains Official TWRP Support


TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) has now seen its support grown to account for the recently-released HTC U11. Along with the HTC U11, a number of other devices have also recently gained TWRP support as well. Including the Xiaomi Mi 5s, the Acer Liquid Z500, the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus, the Fairphone 2, and more.

Owners of any of the newly-supported devices, will now be able to make use of TWRP as their recovery service of choice. Which for those unfamiliar with such services, a custom recovery essentially allows users to install custom software on their device. Whether it is a fully-featured third-party ROM (such as LineageOS), or more specific features, a custom recovery is normally a very capable tool in assisting with the process. Generally speaking there are two main ways of getting started with TWRP on a device. The first is to actually download the files from TWRP directly and then apply them manually to the device by 'flashing' them. The second way is to simply download the TWRP Android app from the Google Play Store. Which if it supports your device, should make the entire process of installing TWRP an easier one. Not to mention the app route is also usually a much easier and more effective way to keep the installed version of TWRP up to date, when new versions become available. At present, the most recently-released version is TWRP 3.1.1-0 which became available in the latter half of last month (May, 2017).

Needless to say, of the devices that have now gained support for TWRP, the HTC U11 is by far and away the most notable device, as it was only announced less than a month ago, and is the most flagship-quality of the crop. Which is rather typical of TWRP for major devices. As when it comes to new and high-profile smartphones, TWRP support does often arrive extremely quickly, following the launch of a new smartphone. A case in point being the Samsung Galaxy S8. Which after being announced at the end of March, saw its TWRP support going live in April – at least for the Exynos-powered version.

TWRP HTC U11 TWRP (Google Play)

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