Google Home Outage Is Affecting A Number Of Users

Google Home AH 2

Google Home is supposed to serve users through various voice commands, however, an error occurred recently it seems, and it has affected a large number of users. Recently, the Mountain View-based tech giant talked about both Google Home and Google Assistant over at Googe I/O, and provided free Google Home speaker to those who participated. Various Google Home speakers around the world are now producing errors, and some users which complained online shared how a malfunctioning Google Home speaker responds after saying “Okay Google”. The speaker either replies with: “Hmm, something went wrong. Try again in a few seconds,” or “There was a glitch. Try again in a few seconds”. Complaints about Google Home were not only visible on social media platforms such as Twitter, but also in the Google Product Forum.

As for its creator, Google admits that it is aware of issues and is now putting an effort in resolving them. The California-based company asked its users to continue submitting feedback through the Google Home app. Fortunately, the problem has affected only Google Home devices, while other Google Assistant-operated devices are reported to be functioning well. It is possible that your Google Home device has Google-related issues at the moment, but on the other hand, it’s possible it’s experiencing other issues that you can address. First thing you need to do, is check whether its microphone is on. Users are also asked to check whether the network connection is stable. A tiny white LED light at the back of the Google Home device signifies that the connection is working well. Meanwhile, the location also affects the efficiency of the device, so that’s also something you should keep in mind. If none of these steps make it work and you are still having issues, you can reach Google’s call center for assistance.

Google Home was released back in November 2016 and it works as a smart speaker that helps users interact with services through voice. This WiFi-enabled device is capable of viewing photos or videos, listening to music, reading news updates, and so on. It works similarly to Amazon’s Echo speaker with a personal assistant named Alexa, however, though Google Home ships with a built-in Google Assistant instead.