Google Brings Job Listings To Search In The U.S.

Google Jobs

Job seekers in the United States can now use Google to search for a new job the same way they would search for any other piece of information. Whether on desktop or mobile, typing in a query that pertains to job searching such as “jobs near me” will bring up a special menu that allows you to filter job listings by categories and more specific criteria. Hopefuls can filter and sort potential jobs by things like commute time, role, how recent the posting is, and the hours involved, along with other factors. Google has stated that it’s going to be adding in more criteria and make the searching easier and more specific in the near future. For now, the function is only present in the American English version of Search.

The new job searching function also allows job seekers to set up search alerts for jobs that match their criteria. Notifications of new jobs matching the given criteria will be sent to them via email like any other Google Alert. The job searching tool is the result of partnerships with multiple employment resource sites including LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and Facebook, the company said. Thanks to the wide range of job sites on offer, what used to require setting up profiles on multiple websites is now as simple as performing a quick Google search.

The tool is the latest move in the Google For Jobs initiative, a fairly new effort that sees Google partnering up with employers and job boards, and putting its considerable AI prowess to work for job seekers. Tools like the Cloud Jobs API allow people with jobs to fill to reach out to Google’s considerable user base and do so in a manner that will make it easier to match the right candidate to the right position. Advanced AI tools like machine learning and neural networking are used to make posting, filling, and finding jobs as easy and personal as possible. Google For Jobs started back in May of this year, announced personally by Google CEO Sundar Pichai as part of a vast effort to make Google’s powerful and full-featured AI tools more suited to help everyday people with real world issues.