Five New Chromebook Tutorial Videos Released By Google


If you are new to Chromebooks then it looks Google has you covered with a selection of new how-to videos that are now available to watch. In total, there are five new Chromebook videos and all of them have gone live on the Google Chrome YouTube Channel, over the past three weeks. Likewise, all of them are pretty short in duration and look to provide some basic information on Chromebooks, as well Chrome OS in general.

The first, is simply titled "What are Chromebooks" and is a good introduction video to the difference between Chromebooks and mobile devices (like a smartphone or tablet), while also highlighting some of their common aspects – for instance, the accessibility of Chrome on all devices and by association, a common user experience. The second video is "Chromebook Myths" and as the name suggests, this one is designed to dispel a number of incorrect assumptions about Chrome OS. For example, that they do not work offline, or that they are just simply a browser. As for the next three Chromebook videos, these are a little more focused on specific features. The first of the three picks up on the various things you can do using the Chromebook touchpad (beyond simply navigating the cursor). Like for instance, making use of gestures. The second of the three videos is a 'keyboard tips and tricks' video which looks to detail the different shortcuts that are available via a Chromebook's keyboard. While the third of the feature-focused videos is all about sharing, and highlights how a user can switch between accounts on a Chromebook, or make use of Guest Mode as and when needed.

As mentioned, all the videos are pretty short in duration (they are all under a minute in length) and so they are not massively in-depth tutorials, or do not reveal anything too groundbreaking. However, they do provide a good overview to Chrome OS, and will likely be ideal videos for anyone who is new to the platform. Although they are probably also worth a quick watch by experienced Chromebook users, as they may highlight one or two things they did not know before. All the videos are included below.


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