Final Fantasy XV's Spin-Off Strategy Game Hits Android

Final Fantasy XV's spin-off strategy game has finally hit Android this week and it brings a whole lot of elements to the Final Fantasy franchise that gamers who are fans of the series will find new and unfamiliar. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire plays a lot like games such as Clash of Clans, as you'll be able to build up your empire and fend off enemy empires. That said there are plenty of familiar elements too as this is still part of the Final Fantasy franchise, Square Enix has merely taken those elements and thrust them into a new type of game genre for what some will consider a delightfully fresh experience.

Like other strategy games you'll not only be building up your empire but you'll need the resources to do so. This means gathering those resources will be a key aspect of the gameplay, as will be researching things like technology evolution, and growing your army. Battles with other players are set in real-time so you'll need to be quick on your feet and make the decisions that are most likely to ensure your victory.

Part of the game will include building up a team of characters of which the main cast of Final Fantasy XV is included. This means Noctis, Prompto, Cindy, Gladiolus, Ignis, Lunafreya and more, and since this is a Final Fantasy game you can expect plenty of magic abilities along with your standard melee-based attacks as well as a theme centered around control of the crystal. Expect chocobo appearances and the ability to initiate summons. Naturally there are guilds you can create or join as well, and as with other strategy games of this nature you joining a guild is in your best interest as you'll end up with benefits and be able to help out your guild-mates in their own battles and vise versa. This is a free game so expect in-app purchases, though with how new the game is it's not immediately clear if those who choose to abstain from buying any of them will stand a chance to compete against those who actually do spend that money for in-game items. If you're interested in giving this one a try, you can grab the game from the button below.

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