Facebook Messenger Adds More Features To Video Chat Service

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Facebook Messenger has introduced a slew of fresh features to its video chat service such as animated reactions, filters, masks and effects, and the ability to take screenshots in a bid to make your experience more fun. While Facebook recently announced the availability of reactions on Messenger, these were limited to one-on-one chats only. The new animated reactions, on the other hand, apply to both individual and group video chats. For example, you can choose from any of the five Messenger emoji icons to express what you feel: love, laughter, surprise, sadness or anger. Take note that these reactions do not last forever. That means you can only cram the screen with laughing emoji heads, for instance, in a moment before they disappear.

There are various versions for every reaction. How these variants work depends on whether you are facing the screen or not. You can see their differences by tapping on a certain reaction while you are facing the camera and tapping it again when your face is off the screen. In addition to animated reactions, the new features also include video filters, which range from lighting changes to color transformations to let you express your feelings. The colors can shift from black to white, red, or yellow. To make sure the result would not disappoint you, Facebook provides live previews for every filter before you can actually post it. Additionally, there are a lot more masks in Messenger now, with various effects.

The new masks add more life to your video chats. For example, you can open your mouth while you are virtually wearing the rabbit mask to see its hidden effect. There are also animated effects, including falling hearts. Facebook notes that while reactions are fleeting, masks and effects remain on screen for the whole duration of the group video chat or until you remove them. Finally, Facebook Messenger now allows you to take screenshots of video chats with friends or family. Just tap the camera icon to capture a screen of your conversation, which will then be saved to the camera roll of your phone. You will then be asked whether you would like to share your moments to your Messenger Day or other platforms in addition to the group you are chatting with.