You Can Install The Google Now-Powered Moto Z2 Play Launcher


You can install the Google Now-powered Moto Z2 Play launcher if you're using another Moto device which doesn't have it available. The new launcher is mostly stock like the launcher that's currently available on devices such as the older Moto Z Play, but it comes with Google Now integration baked in making it much easier to access the features of the Google app similar to how you can access them on the Google Pixel. While not entirely the same experience, it's a more robust way for Moto Z2 Play owners to get at their Google-related details.

This launcher is specific to the Moto Z2 Play with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but even though other Moto devices which are being updated will have the latest software, the launcher won't come with it natively. That's where the APK and sideload install for the launcher pulled straight from a Moto Z2 Play unit comes in handy thanks to a user over at XDA Developers who has provided the necessary APK file for download and installation. The app download is labeled as the Moto app launcher and weighs in at 1.19MB in file size so the download isn't very large which means you should have no trouble downloading it over cellular data as opposed to Wi-Fi, though you're of course able to download it however you like.

More importantly, the install doesn't require any root or special instructions. Users can simply download the launcher APK, install it, and apply as desired to use the new launcher that comes with the Moto Z2 Play, thus enjoying the new Google Now integration. Other than Google Now-related features, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot else different about the new launcher and the old launcher that's found on devices prior to the Moto Z2 Play, so if you don't care much for the Pixel-Launcher type features, then you can stick with the launcher you have and simply wait for the Android Nougat update to hit your device. Since this is meant for Moto phones it likely only works with Moto devices, though for anyone who wants to try installing the APK you can grab it from the button down below and try at your leisure to see if the APK installs.

Download Moto App Launcher APK

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