BlackBerry Messenger Updated With UI Facelift & New Features

June 19, 2017 - Written By Daniel Golightly

BlackBerry’s messaging and calling app, BBM, has a new update rolling out now that brings with it some moderate user interface and feature changes on the chat side of things. Dedicated BBM users will also be happy to learn that group management will also be getting easier with the update and that enhanced spam protection is included as well. As with almost all other updates, this one should roll out to all users over the next several days. The update began rolling out on June 18.

The most noticeable change, for most users, is probably going to be the UI overhaul that should make chatting with the app more intuitive overall, but there are some feature changes included in the update as well. Beyond interface tweaks, users may notice that some bug fixes and general optimizations for performance have also been implemented – though no specific information is given as to which bugs have been squashed. First, the Discover services for media such as music, videos, and other entertainment have been localized. Message searches have also been enhanced and users are now able to itemize searches to make finding exactly what they’re looking for just a bit easier. Searches aren’t the only thing to get enhancements on the manageability front, either. The option to either leave a group chat or delete the chat have also been added and BBM now includes built-in spam protection, as well.

Previous updates to BBM have included options for quick responses and notification badges for users on Android 7.0 or newer. Since its initial release, the application has built up quite a following and currently has more than 12 million reviews from some of its install base – which includes some 100 million to 500 million users. As already mentioned above, that means it has a significant number of devices it needs to roll out to and users should not be overly concerned if it hasn’t hit their devices yet. In the meantime, users can check the Google Play Store button below to check whether the update is available yet or if they’ve never used BBM before but want to see what all of the fuss is about.

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