BlackBerry Begins Pushing Out June 2017 Security Updates

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BlackBerry has begun pushing out the latest security patch to all of its Android smartphones. That includes the BlackBerry PRIV, DTEK50, DTEK60 and the KEYone. Once the update has arrived and been installed, users will see their smartphone updated to the June 5th, 2017 security patch, which Google just released and detailed yesterday. The update includes a slew of patches for vulnerabilities to the OS, as well as BlackBerry’s own changes to the system. There are plenty of vulnerabilities being patched, which BlackBerry has somewhat outlined on its site. The company hasn’t gone into great detail about each one, as they want to keep their users safe, even those that have not yet installed the latest security patch on their device.

There were some other vulnerabilities fixed, that Google didn’t mention, which involved the mediaserver, WiFi Driver and a few other parts of the device. The June 5th, 2017 security patch is a somewhat small update, coming in at about 127MB, depending on the device, but it’s a very important update to install. So if you own one of these BlackBerry devices, it’s important to install the update as soon as it arrives to your device. Postponing the update can cause your device to be vulnerable to different issues, and cause more issues down the road. So it’s better to be safe than sorry, here. The update should download and install pretty quickly, and just take a few minutes to reboot the device. It’s a bit of a pain, but still worth installing.

BlackBerry, since it made the jump to Android, has been on top of getting updates out the door, especially when it comes to security updates. The Canadian company has been one of the first manufacturers to get security patches out to its devices, and some months even beating Google to releasing it for its own devices. BlackBerry is known for their security and timely updates, so this isn’t a surprise, but it is great to see them doing this on the Android platform now. You can head into the Update Center on your BlackBerry and download the update now. If it’s not yet available, it should be fairly soon.