Best HTC U11 Cases – June 2017


The HTC U11 is now available, and it's a great looking smartphone. Many buyers are going to want to pick up a case for that HTC U11, since it is made of glass, many are afraid it'll slip out of their hand and land on the ground. Which it likely will (the unfortunate truth), but there are cases that will keep the HTC U11 looking great, as well as keep it protected, and we've rounded up the best that are currently available.

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Spigen Rugged Armor

This is a staple entry for any case round up, it seems, and for good reason. The Spigen Rugged Armor is one of the best cases around. It's a TPU case that keeps the HTC U11 looking great, while also protecting it. It's available in black, with a patch of carbon fiber up near the top of the device, to keep the camera protected as well. It adds protection without being too bulky, which is always important.


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NageBee Armor Dual Layer Holster


Who says that holster cases are dead? NageBee has a great one available here for the HTC U11. This one is a more rugged case for the HTC U11, allowing you to keep it protected while it's on your hip or in your hands. It does have a swivel holster, so that you can leave it in portrait or landscape orientation.

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TopACE Ultra Thin Transparent Soft Gel TPU


The HTC U11 is a beautiful looking device, and it makes sense that you'd want to show it off. With the TopACE Ultra TPU case, you can do just that. With this case, you can keep it protected while also showing it off. Especially if you pick up the HTC U11 in Sapphire Blue. This does add a tiny bit of protection, but not as much as some of the others on this list.

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Incipio Octane

This is another staple in case roundups. The Incipio Octane is a great case for any smartphone. It keeps the device looking great without adding much bulk to it, and keeping it protected. The Octane is available in a few different sizes, and is made of polycarbonate. Which means it can take a drop or two if it has too.


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Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter


Here's another entry by Spigen. This is their Liquid Crystal Glitter case, which is a clear case, with some glitter inside (it's inside the case, so it won't get on your hands nor on the HTC U11). It gives the HTC U11 a rather interesting look, it may not be for everyone, but definitely worth checking out, if you need a case.

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Dretal [Shock Absorption] Anti-slip Armor Silicon Rubber Case

Dretal has a case here that will add some grip to the HTC U11, and also keep it safe. It is a silicon case which makes it easier to hold onto, then the slippery glass that the HTC U11 already uses. It's available in black, which may not be the best looking case out there, but it does its job, and does it well.

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Love Ying [Crystal Clear] Ultra[Slim Thin][Anti-Scratches]Flexible TPU

Love Ying also has a clear case that you can pick up and use on the HTC U11. This is a flexible TPU case that will look great on this brand new device. It's a crystal clear case, so none of that glitter stuff from the Spigen option above. It does allow you to show off that Sapphire Blue HTC U11, which looks absolutely stunning, and keep it protected at the same time.

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