Best Games – RPGs – June 2017

Best RPG Games

Role playing games aren't for everyone but they can be extremely fun and rewarding, and they usually provide hours upon hours of gameplay due to robust stories to follow throughout a long campaign. This makes them great for anyone who wants a game that won't be finished too quickly, or for anyone who is looking to play something in which they can immerse themselves in the backstories and lore of the title they choose. There are tons of great RPG games on Android, but we've rounded up some of the best worth looking into. That said, everyone has their own tastes for game types, and if you enjoy RPGs but only certain types, the list down below should have a good mix of different RPGs to check out.

Dragon Revolt

Kicking off this list is a pretty new RPG that was just released recently, and it's an MMORPG which means that it's multiplayer and you play online with others. In Dragon Revolt and just like any MMO, you'll have multiple class and race combinations. Here there are six races and three class types to choose from. You also have both PvE and PvP gameplay, dungeons and bosses, a loot system for outfitting your character with new gear and weapons, and a unique class tree for each class filled with specialized abilities.


Doom & Destiny Advanced

Doom & Destiny Advanced follows along the lines of your classic retro JRPG, except it takes on more of a comical tone than epic adventure-filled fantasy. That doesn't mean the game isn't epic though. On the contrary. It has 15 different playable characters, a main story quest with over 30 hours of gameplay, loads of enemy types, and an Arena Mode if you want to step out of the single-player action and step into battle with other live players.

Star Wars: KOTOR

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This is a classic PC and console game and a favorite among the RPG crowd. It features a long campaign which means you won't be putting this one down anytime soon, and it features a large list of more than 40 different character abilities to learn. You can also build your own lightsaber and if you aren't a fan of touch controls, this title works with Bluetooth gamepads.

King's Raid

King's Raid is another newer RPG that hasn't been around quite as long as some of the others, but it has lots to love. It features a side-scrolling view of the gameplay and has Anime-style graphics with vivid colors, and beautiful special effects for each character's unique set of skills and powers. Combat generally includes a team of characters (up to four), and you can swap out team members pretty much any time. Characters are also collected throughout the game as cards, and when you want to choose a new character you simply swap out the cards.



This is the game for you if you're more into the Legend of Zelda style of RPG. This is an action-rpg title, meaning combat isn't turn-based, and you'll come across tons of puzzles, enemies, bosses, and loot during your journey. Graphics are 3D and rather top-notch, and the touch screen controls are actually quite nice which is perfect as the game features a story with more than ten hours of gameplay.

Final Fantasy IX


Final Fantasy IX is a classic JRPG from the famed Final Fantasy series from Square Enix, and it has everything you remember about the original PS2 version plus a couple of enhancements like the ability to speed up movement and gameplay, the option to disable encounters if you can't be bother to hop into battle, and even the ability to max out your level and mag stones. There are also boosters to max out your gil, and master your abilities. If you're looking for the purest form of this game, you'll want to leave the boosters alone, but it can be fun to enable them if you're looking to experience the game in a new way, though keep in mind these boosters can't be reversed once activated so you'd have to start a completely new game save file. While the main game will keep you following the story, you'll also be able to spend time with mini games like Jump Rope and Chocobo Hot and Cold.

Titan Quest

Another classic, Titan Quest is an hack-and-slash dungeon crawler RPG similar to the likes of the Diablo series on PC. There's more than 60 hours of gameplay on offer and a mix of different character classes and tons of loot items to keep your character choices varied. Graphics are pretty good here as well and there's a ton of other little nuances that make this a worthy RPG to fill your time with.



This next game has more of a whimsical fantasy feel to it, but don't let that hide the fact that it still has plenty of action and some pretty amazing combat. Combat is a bit tactical and turn-based, with a nice sized list of different, powerful abilities for each character. You can play by yourself or connect up with other players and enjoy some PvP combat.

Mobius Final Fantasy


Yes, Final Fantasy is a series which is on this list twice, but it's well-deserved as most of them are all fantastic games. Mobius Final Fantasy is a bit different than Final Fantasy IX that was mentioned earlier on this list. It still features turn-based combat, but it has a new fresh take on the way battles are laid out. Visuals are second to none and development on the game is on-going with plenty of content already available. The game also features new limited-time events constantly, and familiar Final Fantasy elements like the job system which gives you the option of playing a tone of different class types.

Fire Emblem Heroes

One of the two official Nintendo games on mobile, Fire Emblem Heroes comes from the popular Fire Emblem franchise and features turn-based tactical combat as this a strategy RPG. Combat will factor heavily on you choosing the right squares on the battle grid so you'll want to choose wisely. The game features  anime-style graphics, plenty of different heroes to choose for your team, and there's plenty of content for the story mode to keep players busy. Once story mode is finished you can invest time into arena battles against other players, and more story mode content will be added in future updates.