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As many fathers can attest, parenting isn't easy and you should take all the help you can get. In the age of the smartphone, that assistance can often come in the form of an app that will help you with some everyday task or provide you with a set of parenting tools to entertain and keep track of your children. With that in mind, below you'll find the top ten best Android apps for fathers and dads-to-be that are currently available for download on the Google Play Store.

White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds


Those who just recently became fathers are likely still in the process of discovering the joys and challenges of getting a baby to fall asleep. White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds may not be the ultimate tool for every new dad, but the wide variety of soothing sounds that ship with this app certainly won't hurt your chances of lulling your baby to sleep.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker


Once your children are old enough to not be by your side 24/7, you may be looking for a tool to quickly check what they're up to without constantly asking them where they are. Family Locator – GPS Tracker is an Android app specifically designed for that purpose which also offers real-time location alerts and can even locate lost phones.

KIDOZ: Discover the Best


Sooner or later, you'll want to give your phone to your kids, if only to let them play with it for a few minutes. In order to keep them as safe as possible, you should ensure they have a curated, age-appropriate experience, which is exactly what the KIDOZ: Discover the Best app offers. Boasting robust parental controls, a kid-friendly browser with an ad-blocker and support for multiple child accounts, this tool is one of the best "kids mode" apps on the Google Play Store.

Google Trips – Travel Planner


Planning trips is an inevitable part of having a family for many people, though that task may prove to be a challenge when several children become a part of the equation. As one of the most capable travel planners for Android, the Google Trips app should facilitate this often burdensome task and prove to be a useful tool for fathers who feel like they could use some help with planning their next trip.

WebMD for Android


No app can replace visiting a doctor but not every child's cough is a reason to panic, either. WebMD for Android is a convenient app for dads who are looking to educate themselves on symptoms and simple treatments for common ailments that may be troubling their kids so that they're able to make a more informed decision on whether to make a pediatrician appointment.

Smart Baby Sensory Stimulation


Fathers looking for a baby development app should look no further than Smart Baby Sensory Stimulation, a comprehensive tool for assisting in a baby's early cognitive and sensory development. If your child is between six months and three years old, this development tool is certainly worth giving a go.

Fast Budget – Expense Manager


There are literally hundreds of expense management apps on the Google Play Store, but Fast Budget – Expense Manager is one of the few that are specifically aimed at managing family finances and is a great recommendation for anyone who's on a tight budget or simply wants to be more efficient with their money and family expenses.

MyHeritage – Family Tree

MyHeritage – Family Tree is a useful and entertaining tool for exploring your family links and finding lost relatives that many new fathers who are just setting their family roots might find particularly interesting. In addition to the so-called "Smart Matches" tech, this solution also boasts a massive database of global birth records that could help you make some astonishing discoveries about your ancestors and other relatives.

Touch Lock – Touch Blocker

If you want to hand your smartphone or tablet to your child but aren't interested in installing robust parental control apps, Touch Lock – Touch Blocker will provide you with an extremely simple way of doing so, allowing your children to watch a cartoon or play a game without being able to access any other content on the device.

Family Shared Calendar: FamCal

Organizing one's family is not an easy task, so fathers who feel that they could use some assistance in this regard would do well to consider Family Shared Calendar: FamCal. Like its name suggests, this mobile tool ships with a versatile calendar creator that can be used to keep track of tasks, events, birthdays, and other important dates that can instantly be shared with your family members.

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