Best Android Apps — Swimming — June 2017


Summer is nearly here and many people will be hitting the beach in the coming weeks and months, or at least look for a refreshment at a lake, pool, or some other body of water. Being a tech-savvy user that you are, you'll surely be looking to get the most out of your swimming experience by any technological means necessary, so with that in mind, refer to the list below to discover the best Android swimming apps that are currently available for download from the Google Play Store.

MySwimPro Swimming Workout Log


While its name suggests it's just a simple swimming log, MySwimPro is a much more versatile app than that, boasting a database of hundreds of swimming workouts and a robust tracking system that will help you swim more efficiently and get the most out of your routine.

Apnea Training


Knowing how to breath right is generally a useful skill to have, but especially so if you're doing something taxing like swimming. If you're looking to prepare for a week of intense workout in a pool or anywhere else, Apnea Training will assist you in that regard by providing you with a wide variety of useful breathing exercises.

Blitzortung Lightning Monitor


Large bodies of water and lightning don't mix well and you would do well to avoid swimming in rivers, lakes, seas, and outdoor pools during storms. Depending on where you're located, weather can change in a rather swift and unexpected manner, so staying one step ahead of cyclones is a good habit to have, and Blitzortung Lightning Monitor is the perfect app to help you in that endeavor.

Swimming Step by Step


Regardless of whether you're a beginner or a seasoned swimmer, reading up on some tips and tricks is never a bad thing, especially when they're available at the palm of your hand. While its design isn't exactly indicative of that, Swimming Step by Step is a regularly updated Android app that will provide you with advice on how to swim better, in addition to possibly teaching you a number of new swimming styles.

Commit Swimming


If tracking your swimming isn't enough and you're looking for a tool that will automate the process of analyzing data for you, Commit Swimming is likely the best app capable of accomplishing that goal. In addition to presenting you with a detailed breakdown of your routines, Commit Swimming will generate customized swimming routines for you to follow.

QSun – Sun Safety & UV Index


Getting a sunburn is a realistic possibility when you're out on the beach or pool all day and while covering yourself with a ton of sunscreen is one possibility, another one is identifying exactly how much to put on, which is where QSun comes into play as this app will provide you with personalized sun safety advice and tips on how to avoid any negative consequences of ultraviolet exposure.



MySwimmingTimes may never receive a deserved design overhaul, but this app is still one of the most capable swimming times trackers on the Google Play Store that's updated with support for new devices and Android builds on a regular basis. If you're looking for a simple tracker to record your times and share them with your friends, this app is definitely worth giving a go.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the Alphabet-owned company's flagship products that became extremely versatile over the years, boasting a broad range of features that can even help you fulfill your swimming-related ambitions. While many apps promise to provide you with a tour of the best local beaches and pools, if you're traveling into the unknown and want to be certain that you're doing so well-informed, Google Maps is an app that you can't afford not to use, especially due to its Local Guides program.

Swim Calculator

Swim Calculator has some tracking features that beginners will likely find useful, but this mobile tool primarily caters to advanced swimmers that aren't looking for advice and instead want an intuitive app for creating their own workouts. If you happen to be one of them, you'd do well not to miss out on this solution.

Swim Points: Elite and Masters

Being the newest app on this list, Swim Points: Elite and Masters doesn't have a large user base, though it still boasts a diverse set of features that will help you track your swimming times, compare them to those of both amateur swimmers and world record-breaking athletes, and share them with your friends. If you're a swimming enthusiast that's looking for a starting point into a more serious take on their hobby, this is the Android app you'll want to install.