Best Android Apps — Fishing — June 2017

Top 10 Best Android Fishing Apps

Fishing can be a relaxing pastime or a fulfilling hobby, and with the summer being almost upon us, there’s hardly a better time of the year to just kick back at some shore or in a boat, waiting for that big haul. While you’re at it, you may as well help yourself with some convenient mobile tools designed for avid fishermen, so refer to the list below to see the top ten best Android fishing apps that are currently available for download from the Google Play Store.

Fishing Points: GPS & Forecast


If you’re a seasoned fisherman that’s always keen on exploring new locations, Fishing Points: GPS & Forecast will provide you with a simple way of saving all those great fishing spots you discover while simultaneously serving you with an accurate forecast that will help you avoid less favorable weather conditions.

Fishbrain Fishing


Fishbrain Fishing is essentially a crowdsourced fishing activity map that can also serve as a log for recording your hauls, all while helping other anglers with their hobby. It’s also the world’s largest social network for fishermen, boasting more than three million users, and an app that you really shouldn’t pass up if you’re enthusiastic about angling.

Fish Rules


There’s much more to catching fish than just casting a lure or bait, and knowing where to be and timing your efforts is an important part of being successful in this endeavor. That’s where Fish Rules comes into play, as this Android app will provide you with a database of knowledge on all fish occupying the United States waters, as well as those in the Bahamas.

Ultimate Fishing Knots


Much like fishing knots themselves, the Ultimate Fishing Knots app isn’t the prettiest thing out there but it gets the job done in an efficient manner, so if you’re looking to expand or reinforce your knowledge of tying knots, this is the first mobile tool you’ll want to install on your smartphone or tablet.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time


Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time is an Android app that provides users with forecast specifically designed for fishermen, helping them determine feeding times of all kinds of fish based on solunar tables, i.e. moon phases. Preparation is half the battle, and all avid anglers looking to be well-prepared for their upcoming fishing trip would do well to give this mobile tool a go.

Deeper – Smart Sonar


While primarily designed as a companion app for the Deeper Sonar, this app can also act as a standalone service for planning, logging, and sharing your angling trips, with its robust tracking tools being not only better than the majority of their mobile alternatives but also available to everyone free of charge.

FishWise: The Fishing App


While FishWise is far from the only Android app that allows you to prepare for your fishing trip, it does so in a highly social manner, connecting you with numerous anglers from all around the world who are ready to share their experiences with your humble self. If you prefer learning in a conversational manner, FishWise is likely the best mobile tool you can currently get your hands on.

ScoutLook Fishing

ScoutLook Fishing is a comprehensive app for anglers looking to simultaneously keep track of the forecast and their favorite fishing spots through a single digital hub. Boasting unlimited storage for pinpointed locations, this is a great tool for people who are already comfortable with their hobby and want to avoid hand-holding provided by many other similar solutions on the Google Play Store.

Fishinc – Fishing App

At its core, Fishinc is a relatively simple planning and logging app, but one that provides you with a set of challenges and an achievement system that will push you to become a better angler. If you’re a naturally competitive person and feel that you already have a good grasp on the basics of fishing, Fishinc can help you bring your favorite pastime to the next level.

My Fishing Mate Australia

By far the most specific app on this list, My Fishing Mate Australia is still a must-have tool for all avid fishers in the Lucky Country. If you’re interested in finding out more about local fish and their habits, you’d do well to not pass up on this mobile service that will help you become more knowledgeable and, consequently, more efficient at fishing.