Best Android Apps – Browser – June 2017

AH Top 10 Browser Apps 2

Your browser is amongst the most used apps on your smartphone, that is the situation with the vast majority of smartphone users, at the very least. Whenever you’re accessing a certain website, you need to fire up your browser, so it’s quite important to pick the right app for you, or apps, if you’re combining two or more of them. That’s why we’ve assembled the list that you can find down below, these are our picks for the top 10 browsing apps for Android, so if you’re interested, read on. Before you begin, however, keep in mind that these apps are listed in non-specific order.



Firefox is one of the most popular browsers out there, in general, it has been available for PCs for a long time now, and Android users have been able to enjoy it for quite some time now as well. This is a very capable browser which is feature-rich, that’s for sure, and it’s completely free to use. Using a Firefox account, you can sync your browsing data across devices, and there are a ton of add-ons for Firefox which can improve your browsing experience.

CM Browser


CM Browser is extremely fast, this browser is focused on speed, and its built-in ad blocker certainly helps with that. This browser is also quite secure, while it comes with the ‘Smart Download’ feature as well. Security is also something Cheetah Mobile is paying quite a bit of attention to, and this browser is also quite feature-packed, while it sports an easy-to-reach toolbar on the bottom.



Chrome is quite probably the most popular browser on the planet. This multi-platform browser is being developed by Google, and it has everything you might need from a browsing app, well, unless you’re looking for ad block support. This is one of the most feature-rich browsers on this list, and it comes with a built-in sync, all you have to do is let Chrome tie-in with your Gmail account that you’re logged in on your Android device, and you’re good to go.




Flyperlink is a considerably different browser than almost any other browser on this list, and you might want to consider using it next to a regular browser. The thing is, this browser opens web pages in small bubbles which are placed on your display, it basically loads pages in the background, and when you’re ready, you can check them out without a hassle, and even open them in your primary browser straight from this app. This app does offer some additional features as well.



Flynx is an app that is quite similar to Flyperlink, actually. This application also lets you open web pages in the background in form of bubbles on the display, and not only does it save time, but data as well. This app comes with a built-in share function, but that’s not all, this app, much like Flyperlink, has a number of additional features that you might be interested in. Flynx is completely free to use.


Brave Browser

Brave Browser is yet another browser on this list which features an ad blocker. Brave Software, a company behind this app, also talks a lot about Brave Browser’s battery and data consumption optimizations, this browser is supposed to be a battery sipper. This app also comes with script blocking, tracking protection, private tabs and all the regular features you’d expect out of a browser app.


Opera is yet another multi-platform browser which has been extremely popular for a long time now. This browser comes with a built-in news feed, while it also features an ad blocker. This app looks really nice actually, and comes with all the regular browser features, from incognito browsing to automatic text wrap features. Opera is free to use, though it contains ads, so keep that in mind.


Dolphin definitely belongs amongst the best and most popular browsers on Android. This app has been downloaded somewhere between 50 and 100 million times, and it loads up pages really fast. Just like a number of other apps on this list, it comes with the ad blocking feature, and it also features a flash player. Sync option is here as well, while it also has a gesture support, and the so-called ‘Sonar’ feature.


This app is a bit different than other apps on this list, as it is based on Chrome Custom Tabs. It renders a link first, before anything else, and it’s really fast. Chromer’s developer likes to refer to this browser as the light version of Chrome, which is true, in a way. This app also comes with a feature similar to Flyperlink and Flynx, as it allows you to open websites in small bubbles and read them later. Chrome has a number of additional options about which you read more on the Play Store.

APUS Browser

APUS Browser is not exactly as popular some other solutions on this list, but it sure is a compelling offering. This browser is extremely light, it weighs only 2MB, and it packs in a ton of features despite that. You’re getting a flash player here, a ‘no image mode’, full screen mode, and a number of other features, including a ton of regular ones. APUS Browser is one of the fastest browsers out there, and it’s free to use, though it contains ads, so keep that in mind.