Best Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017) Accessories – June 2017


The Amazon Fire HD 8 got a refresh this year, and it's the company's best 8-inch tablet ever. It starts at just $79.99 for 16GB of storage, and goes up from there. It's going to be a pretty popular tablet this year, and many people are going to need to know what accessories to buy for their Fire HD 8, and well, we've rounded up the best ones available. So let's check them out!

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Amazon Kid-Proof Case


If you are buying this tablet for your kids, this kid-proof case is definitely worth picking up. It's available for the Fire HD 8 (as well as the Fire 7), and it's definitely worth grabbing. It adds a pretty thick bumper around the tablet, to keep it protected from drops and such. It might even be a good idea for those that are just clumsy in general. Amazon offers it in a slew of colors as well.

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Samsung 32GB 95MB/s (U1) MicroSD EVO Select Memory Card


This micro SD card will add more storage to your new Fire HD 8 tablet. It will add just shy of 32GB of storage, which is great for saving movies and such offline to watch when you are flying or traveling. Additionally, this comes with a standard SD card adapter, making it easy for you to use it in other devices including cameras.

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Anker 6ft / 1.8m Nylon Braided Tangle-Free Micro USB Cable

Now if you are giving this tablet to a kid, then you'll want to pick up this micro USB cable. Why? It's simple. It's a braided cable, which makes it much more durable, not to mention tangle-free. So you won't need to worry about the cable getting damaged by your kid(s) and/or pets. Definitely important.


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Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Case


Even if you aren't buying this tablet for a kid or two, picking up a case is still a great idea. This is the case that Amazon made specifically for the Fire HD 8, and it's a pretty good looking one. It does have a built in stand, so you can stand it on its side and watch movies and TV shows with ease. Amazon does also offer it in a slew of colors, so you can really make your tablet stand out, if you wanted too.

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NuPro Clear Screen Protector


It may not be the most high-resolution display out there, but you'll still want to protect it. NuPro has a clear and an anti-glare screen protector available for the Amazon Fire HD 8. These will keep that display protected while the device is being used, and also keep fingerprints off of it. Which is also pretty important.

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Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Over-ear Stereo Headphones

Those of you that are buying this tablet to take with you on a flight, you'll want to check out these headphones from Cowin. These are active noise cancelling wireless headphones, that are also wireless. This is going to make you feel at home, even when you're flying on a 747. These headphones offer comfort and long battery life. Both of which are important these days.

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SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SDXC Memory Card

Those that need a bit more storage, you'll definitely want to pick up this micro SD card for your Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet. This one will add around 200GB of storage to your tablet. This is great for downloading more games, storing pictures, music, movies and more. It's also under $100 (typically under $80), and while that is more than the actual tablet, it is plenty of storage for most people.

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Anker SoundBuds Slim

Those that prefer in-ear headphones, these are the ones you'll want to pick up. These are Anker's slim SoundBuds headphones, and they are pretty cheap, coming in at under $30. They do also offer some great battery life, of around 8 hours. Unfortunately, unlike the Cowin pair we listed earlier, these do not have active noise cancellation.

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