Best Amazon Fire 7 (2017) Accessories – June 2017


The Amazon Fire 7 was refreshed this year, it's a somewhat minor refresh, but still a pretty impressive tablet for just $49.99. Now since the tablet is so cheap, it means that you'll want to pick up some new accessories for the tablet. Like a case, or a screen protector, and much more. So we've rounded up the best accessories available for the Fire 7, and listed them below.

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Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Case


This is Amazon's own case for the Fire 7 Tablet, it does fit the new one, and it is also available in a slew of colors. It's a pretty simple case, not a whole lot going on with this case, but it does have a built in stand, so that you can stand the Fire 7 up and use it for watching movies and such. Definitely a good idea for the Fire 7.

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NuPro Clear Screen Protector


You've got to protect that display, since that is the most important part of any tablet. And NuPro has a great clear screen protector available here for the Fire 7. This screen protector is a clear one, so you'll still be able to see the display nice and clear, which is definitely nice. Not to mention it does a great job at protecting that display.

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Anker 6ft-long Nylon Braided Tangle-Free Micro USB Cable

Even though most devices are coming with USB-C these days, the new Fire 7 has a micro USB port – likely to keep costs down. So you may need a few extra cables. Luckily, Anker has a pair of 6-foot long cables here that are braided nylon cables (read: durable) that work great with the new Amazon Fire 7 tablet from the popular retailer.


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SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter


Amazon doesn't offer much storage with the Fire 7, again that's to keep costs down. But there is a micro SD card slot available for expanding your storage. And this SanDisk micro SD card is definitely a good one to check out. It brings 64GB of storage, and also an adapter so you could use it with standard sized SD card slots, like cameras and such.

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AUKEY USB Wall Charger


It can never hurt to have an extra wall charger hanging around, and AUKEY has a great one here. This one is quite small, and foldable, making it great for tossing in your bag when traveling. It also has dual USB ports, each of which outputs 2.4A, so you'll get some fast charging times, even without Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology.

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AUKEY 20000mAh Portable Charger

How about a battery pack to keep that Amazon Fire 7 charged up and ready to go? AUKEY has you covered once again. This is their 20000mAh portable charger, and it actually has a lightning input, so those with iPhones are covered. It does also have a few USB ports so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, like your smartphone, your Fire 7 and more.

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2-Year Protection Plan plus Accident Protection

Usually, insurance isn't a necessity, but since the Amazon Fire 7 is likely going to be used by your kids, it's a good idea to pick up a 2-year protection plan, and since it's only $14.99, it's definitely worth it. It does also cover accidents, so if something should happen to your new Fire 7, you're still covered.

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Amazon Kid-Proof Case

Want to make your Fire 7 tablet kid-proof? Amazon makes it possible with this case. It adds a pretty thick bumper around the tablet, and protects the display. So if a kid should drop it, the tablet should be taken care of, and it shouldn't break. Which is something that no one wants to happen. Amazon offers these cases in a slew of colors as well.

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