AT&T Making Changes To GoPhone, Possibly Rebranding It


AT&T has yet to make any official announcements about making changes to its prepaid GoPhone service or rebranding it, but a company representative said that there will be some changes when contacted concerning inventory changes on Target's website that show "AT&T Prepaid" refill cards alongside GoPhone products. The changes to Target's online inventory came without any fanfare from target or AT&T, and the AT&T representative who responded to inquiries was not specific about what changes may be coming to GoPhone, opting instead to simply say that the company would be "making exciting changes," and that those interested should expect some sort of announcement "in the near future".

AT&T has thus far not said anything about the change beyond the representative's responses, but the item description for the airtime cards sold by Target indicates that AT&T Prepaid will be replacing the GoPhone brand. Denominations between $10 and $100 are offered in AT&T Prepaid refills, though a GoPhone card for $45.49 is still listed on the website. There are no GoPhone devices listed on Target's website anymore, nor are any AT&T Prepaid devices. Instead, there are multiple AT&T devices listed, such as the LG Phoenix 3, Samsung Galaxy Express Prime, and Apple iPhone SE. None of the product pages for the devices mention GoPhone or AT&T. Customers can use GoPhone SIM cards in postpaid devices and vice versa with no fuss, so the lack of distinction seems to be mostly in name. Searching directly for GoPhone will still turn up related suggestions, but only the aforementioned airtime card is listed for sale.

The changes coming to GoPhone could be influenced by the closing of the gap between postpaid and prepaid per-user revenues in recent years, which may mean that prepaid users might begin to see some features that only postpaid customers previously enjoyed. GoPhone is currently sold at a massive number of retailers all over the US, so rebranding it to AT&T Prepaid could also help AT&T to attract more users to its postpaid service by getting them in the door via commitment-free prepaid channels. This move would serve a dual purpose of making AT&T's prepaid offering seem just a bit more prestigious, which could help steer customers away from competing prepaid services on the strength of AT&T's brand.


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