Amazon Prime Reload Program Awards 2% Cashback To Users

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Amazon has introduced a new cash-back program for Amazon Prime members who don’t want to use their credit cards for shopping and called Amazon Prime Reload. Amazon is well-known for so many of its popular services, offers, and discounts, with Prime Reload being the latest such offering. The new program arrives not long after the company announced a Prime discount for low-income buyers and a couple days after the rumor that the firm wishes to open an online car dealership in the United Kingdom and a number of other European countries.

Credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express all charge online stores like Amazon a small percentage fee for every transaction for processing payments. Although that percentage is relatively small, the huge number of sales every day still leads to significant fees that Amazon is paying on a monthly basis. This is the reason why Amazon has come up with Reload, providing Prime subscribers with two-percent rewards when they reload gift card balances using a checkout instead of credit card, thus allowing Amazon to avoid paying fees to credit card companies. According to Amazon, the two-percent cashback bonus will arrive in one’s Amazon Balance in five minutes in most cases but might be delayed up to four hours if the transaction needs a closer review. Users who decide to participate in the program are required to provide the online retailer with a United States bank account number, a routing number, a debit card number, and a driver’s license number.

The only catch is that participating users can no longer use their credit cards to pay for things, at least if they want to receive their rewards. There is also a limit to the maximum money a user can invest per day. A maximum single reload is $2,000 and the reward cannot exceed $19 per day. Furthermore, this is a “limited time offer” and “good while supplies last,” which means that Amazon can pull the plug anytime it wants. Those who are interested in finding out more details about the initiative can refer to the source link beneath this writing. More details on Amazon’s additions to Amazon Prime will likely follow in the coming months.