Amazon India Confirms 8GB of RAM for Unannounced OnePlus 5

Screen Shot 2017 06 07 at 10.16.06 AM

The OnePlus 5 is slated to be announced on June 20th, at an online revealing. Amazon India has the exclusive on selling the smartphone in the country once again, and it already has a teaser page up which states that the device is being announced at 2PM local time on June 22nd, with sales beginning at 4:30PM that same day. The page also shows that the device is going to have the Snapdragon 835 inside – which was already known – but they also quote 8GB of RAM. That has since been removed from the listing, as well as the source code on the page.

Now, it’s obvious here that this was a mistake by Amazon, but it is all but confirmed that the OnePlus 5 will sport 8GB of RAM. It’s possible that the company may debut a few different models of the OnePlus 5, possibly one with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage at a lower price point. Since the OnePlus 5 is slated to be more expensive than the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T that the company debuted last year. The OnePlus 5 is shaping up to be a pretty impressive smartphone, even with dual-cameras on the back of the device. All will be known in just under 2 weeks, though.

With Amazon India having the exclusive on selling the device in India, it’s not a big surprise. Amazon has been the exclusive seller of OnePlus’ products in India for a few years now. OnePlus has focused pretty heavily on the Indian market, as the company has quite a few fans there, and it’s also one of the fastest growing mobile markets right now. It’s a market that virtually every smartphone maker is investing pretty heavily in, especially those that are located in China. As they can get a good number of users that may have never had a smartphone before. The OnePlus 5 is likely going to be a great smartphone, even though it is a bit more expensive than most of the smartphones that are already on sale (and popular) in India. But given the fact that it is from OnePlus, it’ll still be a top seller.