Xiaomi Mi 6 Durability Test Reveals Big Improvements Over Mi 5


The Xiaomi Mi 6 is the latest smartphone to come from Xiaomi and the next in line when it comes to the company's flagship range. Which does mean it was only a matter of time before it underwent a durability test by JerryRigEverything. As is usually the case with JerryRigEverything's videos, the Mi 6 was put through three key testing areas, the scratch resistance of the phone, the display's protection against direct heat, and the now infamous, 'bend test.' First thing to note about this new video is that JerryRigEverything makes a number of comparisons throughout the video to the Xiaomi Mi 5. And with good reason as JerryRigEverything found the Mi 5 to be a highly-flawed smartphone when it came to its design. In other words, it broke very easily.

However, that was not the case with the newly announced Mi 6 with JerryRigEverything generally finding very little wrong with the smartphone's build quality and design and clearly, a significant improvement over the design and build quality of the previous model. When it came to the scratch resistance, the Mi 6 was noted as protected up to a level 6 on the Mohs scale. Which pretty much puts it in line with most of the flagship smartphones out there. In fairness to the Mi 5, this was the same level noted for scratch resistance on that phone too – due to both models making use of a Gorilla Glass-based display. In fact, JerryRigEverything found virtually all of the Mi 6 was pretty well protected due to most of its body and various aspects (fingerprint sensor, rear cameras, LED flash, etc), protected by the outer glass casing. Likewise, although not to the same level, the metal frame surrounding the Mi 6 was also found to be well protected. While it can be scratched, it certainly proved to be more durable than the frame on the Mi 5.

Moving on to the heat test and the YouTuber found that the display on the Mi 6 was able to withstand direct flame contact for about ten seconds, with JerryRigEverything pointing out that this marked a significant increase over the four seconds encountered with the display on the Mi 5. While in terms of the bend test, once again, this latest Mi model proved to be very well built and was able to deal with the bend test without being troubled, unlike the Mi 5. Resulting in the suggestion that this really is a good option for those looking for an inexpensive flagship.


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