Weekly Poll: Would You Buy A New Moto-Branded Tablet?

News broke earlier this week that Motorola and Lenovo will be releasing a new tablet under the Moto brand at some point in the future, and that the tablet is currently in development and will run on Android software. Given Lenovo and Motorola's current presence on Android, the software was probably a given as it would seem much less likely that they would release a Moto-branded tablet that runs on Windows, but this is likely good news for anyone who loves the Moto products and have been waiting on a new tablet from the company for some time.

The last tablet that Motorola released was the Motorola Xoom 2 that launched on Verizon and was running the latest version of Honeycomb at the time which was a version of the OS meant specifically for tablets. Since then Motorola has shied away from tablets and has stuck with phones and other devices, so if and when they do launch a new tablet under the Moto brand it will be a long time coming. Lenovo has launched a decent amount of Android tablets over the years so in the grand scheme of things this will just be another Lenovo tablet, at least in the sense that it's coming from a company they own, but it won't carry the Lenovo brand, and that is the interesting bit.

When it comes to what the tablet will feature the rumor states that it will come with Android 7.0 Nougat on board and will have a special "Productivity Mode" implemented that could give users an enhanced multitasking experience that works a little differently than the standard Multi-Window that's available on other Nougat devices. There isn't much detail on Productivity Mode yet, but if this is a feature of the tablet then it sounds like Moto and Lenovo will be looking to market this as a great device for work professionals to use in addition to regular consumers. The screen size is rumored to be around 9 or 10 inches which sounds like a good size for a tablet with productivity features, and with most of Moto's recent devices having a fingerprint sensor that doubles as a home button, chances are a similar feature will be found on this tablet. Moto devices have been getting better and better each year and their smartphones are some of the best devices you can get with competitive prices too, so it's also possible that the new Moto-branded tablet will have a competitive price. Would you buy a new Moto-branded tablet if it were made available to you?

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