Watch A Pixel XL Unboxing Video With No Pixel XL In The Box

Google Pixel XL AH NS pixel logo 2

A man named Nicholas Wright claims to have received a shipment of the Google Pixel XL from FedEx earlier this week without the phone itself. The unboxing video, apparently shot by his wife, Natalie, was uploaded to YouTube earlier in the week. The video seems to show that the box contained all the expected accessories, but the all-important phone was nowhere to be found. According to the comments posted by Mr. Wright, Google has apparently accepted the complaint and, has initiated a replacement for the missing device. Now whether the video is actually legit or an elaborate hoax is something that remains to be seen, but according to the details, Google has agreed to ship a replacement.

According to the complainant, a 128GB model of the Google Pixel XL was bought from Google’s online store by his wife as a gift for his birthday. The device was shipped via FedEx, but once they received it, they noticed that “the box was opened from the bottom and re-taped hastily”. According to Mr. Wright, it was someone either at Google or at FedEX who tampered with the packaging and took the phone out. While it is difficult to ascertain the truth in every individual case, it is worth mentioning that social media platforms and online message boards are replete with stories about people receiving empty phone boxes from e-commerce vendors and even official company websites. It is interesting to see that Google has taken this particular complaint seriously, and has acted on it swiftly.

The Pixel XL is one of the two premium smartphones launched by Google last year. The device, along with its smaller sibling, the Google Pixel, are designed, developed and marketed by Google, and manufactured by Taiwanese tech company HTC. Even seven months after their release in October 2016, the devices continue to remain fairly popular, although, they’ve suffered from various issues in this period. Users have reported connectivity issues with some cellular bands, unstable Bluetooth connections in certain scenarios, unexpected auto-shutdowns and even failing microphones. To its credit, however, Google has acknowledged and released fixes for most of the reported bugs, making the Pixel and the Pixel XL two of the best Android smartphones money can buy – providing they do show up in the box.