Vodafone Germany Seemingly Confirms The HTC U 11 Name

Vodafone Germany has seemingly confirmed the HTC U 11 name in a tweet that explains when the device is coming. This isn't technically new information as the name for HTC's upcoming flagship was already rumored to be the HTC U 11 instead of just "HTC U" or "HTC Ocean" as previously thought, and the date that HTC plans to unveil the device was already confirmed to be on May 16th which is next week. In the midst of all the rumors though Vodafone's tweet looks to be the first piece of information coming from an HTC partner which would suggest that the rumors about the name are true.

In Vodafone's tweet, they state that the HTC U 11 will be coming on May 16th. Again, this is information that was already known and put out there by HTC with their official announcement about the date and time of the upcoming event. HTC have not however confirmed the name of the phone, as their teasers simply tell customers to "Squeeze for the brilliant U." The only detail that this confirms is that the device is part of the U lineup, which is not a surprise, and that it has the Edge Sensors that users are able to squeeze to do things like open apps or get to shortcuts of some kind after they're configured by the user.

That said, although the tweet from Vodafone's German arm mentions the HTC U 11 as the device name, nothing is actually certain and final until HTC themselves say so, which means the name could be entirely different. It may not be likely that it's different, but the possibility can't be ruled out. Alongside the name of the device and the leaked final design, the specs of the new phone are fairly complete as well although these are also rumors as they haven't been confirmed by HTC. The only things that haven't been rumored at this point are the availability of the phone, and what the cost will be. It's possible that HTC will be looking to sell this unlocked only, though it could also hit carriers, and that sort of information is bound to be announced individually by carriers that are selling it.

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