Video: Xiaomi Mi 6 Is Nearly Waterproof, Teardown Reveals


JerryRigEverything is at it again, and this time, he's not only putting a clear back on the Xiaomi Mi 6, but also giving it a full teardown, and testing how its water protection stacks up. By the end of it, the Xiaomi Mi 6 in the video winds up with a completely clear glass back panel, put back on with adhesive strips, and its extensive water protection has been completely inspected, albeit also degraded; many of the gaskets are not designed to be taken out of their factory positions and aren't apt to go back into their slots after being moved.

The teardown starts with a quick look at the outer gaskets. The ones on the SIM card slot come under particular scrutiny, and hold up quite well against those of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Then, there's the usual heating up of the glass back plate that's subsequently pried off. Inside, there's a litany of screws to remove, 16 to be exact, and in this particular instance, a separate plate containing the wireless charging coil. This reveals a protective sticker and the dual camera array. Under that sticker lurk a few parts encased in metal to protect them from shorting. The ribbon cable for the battery is nearby, and removing the bottom plate below that battery reveals the USB Type-C port. From there, the battery can be yanked out, and a mainboard containing the dual rear cameras and single front camera, as well as a ribbon of rubber that winds around key components like the processor, likely to help with cooling. The IR blaster is on this board as well, while another separate board down below houses the USB Type-C port and a few other accouterments. Naturally, there is an impressive array of gaskets at key ingress points, meaning that if water does manage to get into the phone, it has more layers of protection to get through before it can start causing damage.

The back plate was on the receiving end of some rough handling from a metal pry tool when it was first taken off, and the color scratched off easily. To make the process far easier, JerryRigEverything later uses a liquid solvent that makes the whole thing peel off like the clear plastic on a new phone out of the box. Just like with the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, the now-clear back is put back on using simple adhesive strips, and the wireless charging plate is left out for aesthetic purposes. This process majorly compromises the waterproofing of the phone, though there are more secure ways to put everything back together that could help keep it somewhat water-resistant.


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