Verizon's LG Watch Sport Is Reportedly Canceled


It seems as though the Verizon version of the LG Watch Sport has now been cancelled. While the carrier has yet to officially announce the cancellation of its flavor of the LG Watch Sport, Verizon has reportedly provided a confirmation to Droid Life. In addition, it seems as though the mere mention of the LG Watch Sport has been completely removed from the Verizon website. Likewise, LG also has seemingly removed all traces of the Verizon-specific model from its website. Points which certainly do further add to an overall likelihood that the LG Watch Sport is no longer directly available as a Verizon-specific product.

Of course, the Verizon-specific version is not the only version of the LG Watch Sport that is available. As the Watch Sport does remain available to buy generally, and is also available to buy via AT&T – for those looking for an LTE 'connected' version of the watch. So this does really only apply to those who intended on picking up the Watch Sport via Verizon, specifically.

However, Verizon had been taking orders on the LG Watch Sport since early February, and presumably, up until whenever the order page(s) were switched off. So there remains the matter of those who had already ordered one from the carrier. Again, according to the information coming through, those customers are now in the process of receiving emails advising that their order has been cancelled. It also seems as though Verizon is offering those who had previously ordered the Watch Sport the option to pick up another watch with $100 discounted off the price. Speaking of which, for those customers who are now in need of a replacement, conveniently, Verizon has its own Android Wear option, the Verizon Wear24 smartwatch, which became available to buy just last week on May 11. In terms of price, this one is (also conveniently) priced at a very similar level to the LG Watch Sport, as it is available to pick up for $349.99 outright or for $299.99 on a two-year basis. Of course, minus $100 off that price for those customers who are receiving the reported discount. More details on the Wear24 smartwatch through the link below.

Verizon Wear24

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