Verizon Debuts Fios Chatbot For Facebook's Messenger

Verizon Fios Messenger Chatbot Screenshot

Verizon Wireless launched its new Fios chatbot for Facebook’s Messenger app, the largest mobile service provider in the United States announced on Thursday. The company’s latest digital solution was designed to facilitate the process of discovering, managing, and watching video content with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) that will help you navigate through a massive library of Fios programming and provide you with a personalized, highly customizable user experience, the New Jersey-based firm said. While integrated into Facebook’s instant messaging (IM) app, the Fios chatbot was also developed as a standalone platform that can serve you with viewing recommendations and help you manage your video library through a simple user interface that’s said to be perfectly conversational.

The Big Red has been testing a beta version of the Fios chatbot for the past several months and is now expanding the service to all of its customers in an effort to improve it even further and provide its clients with an even more versatile service. People interested in trying out the new mobile solution can simply launch Facebook’s Messenger on their device, find Verizon’s Fios chatbot using the app’s search bar, and log into the service using their credentials. Following the verification process, the company’s customers will be able to interact with the bot by asking it simple questions. Among other things, users can ask the bot to suggest content, inquire about tonight’s programming, and even set their DVR to record something. The current version of the Fios chatbot is primarily focused on entertainment, but the solution is expected to be updated with a wider variety of features in the future, a Verizon official said, adding that tech support and on-demand video ordering are both “coming soon.”

Verizon stated that the official launch of the Fios chatbot is yet another step in its endeavor to improve the customer experience of its services using digital technologies, adding that the bot will be upgraded over time as it continues to serve a larger number of people. An update on the company’s latest AI companion is expected to follow in the coming months.