Uber App Now Lists Transit Departure Times At Destinations


Uber has today announced an app partnership of sorts with the Transit – Live Transport App. Which means that Uber riders can now expect to see departure times for local transit options. Uber has confirmed that this update to the Uber app is taking effect from today, and applies to riders in "nearly 50 U.S. cities," ranging from Albuquerque to Worcester.

Of course, not everyone will be planning on transportation hopping and so this is not an update that will be of use to everyone, and on every Uber ride taken. Which Uber seems well aware of, as the company has also confirmed that the Transit integration will only kick in when the rider's destination is either at a transit stop, or very close to one (which Uber defines as "a block away"). On these occasions the app will instantly start to show transit options and times from that nearby transit location. Presumably, those arriving at a destination that is more than a block away from a transit hub or location, will see no change to the functionality of the Uber app when riding.

Uber explains the reasoning behind this update is that the company wants to make it as easy as possible to combine the use of an Uber ride with traditional forms of public transportation. Specifically noting that customers often have to switch between apps to really be on top of their commuting needs. This update is therefore designed to omit that situation by allowing the rider to remain in the Uber app and still receive all the information they need for their onward connection. In addition the Uber announcement on this update cites Transit's Chief Operating Officer, Jake Sion, as noting that the integration between Uber and Transit "is a perfect match", due to both companies envisioning "a future in which every journey is shared using a combination of transit options." A future which Uber further explains as one that is centered around creating cities that are better connected, with reduced traffic and parking, and ones which place less of an onus on private car ownership. You can see an example of how the new feature will look and work below.


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