Uber Adds Saved Places Feature To Their App For Riders

Uber has added a Saved Places feature to their application for riders so it will be much easier to forget that awesome restaurant you went to last week, or your new friends house who you may have just met a few days ago. Whatever the case may be, Uber is highlighting the easily forgetful addresses that so many people can all too often fail to remember no matter how hard they try. As Uber points out, it can be awkward and uncomfortable to have to ask multiple times where you're supposed to meet, which is why Saved Places is here to help, so you don't have to rely on asking again and again what the address is.

Saved Places is essentially just a way to bookmark places you may frequent inside the app so the next time you request an Uber ride you can simply check your Saved Places and let the driver know where you need to be without any hesitation. Perhaps the best part about the new feature is that it sort of promotes being able to forget places that you would normally be trying so hard to remember, because the bookmark will remember for you, so you have one less thing that you would usually be required to remember and can focus on more important things.

In addition to bookmarking these places for later use, places that have been saved in the app can also be named and Uber has made it possible to use letters or emoji to name them, so users can feel free to name things based on what they're called by using a word to associate with that place, or they can use something like one of the many smiley face emoji because they really enjoying the destination. Saving places is easy and can be done when traveling to a place for the first time after a ride has been booked. There will be an option to save an address for the destination during the booking, and during future bookings users will be able to find their Saved Places by tapping on the "where to?" button followed by the "more saved places" option, which brings up the list of any places that have been saved in the past. From here simply tap the saved place you want to go and you'll be on your way in no time. Additionally, Uber says that the app's homescreen shortcuts feature can start to display the saved places if the app predicts this is the destination, so getting where you need to go will get simpler and faster it seems the more you use the service and the more times you travel to a certain spot. The feature goes live today in the US wherever Uber already operates.

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