Twitter Now Rolling Out Emoji 5.0 Update To All Users


Twitter has officially made the jump to Emoji 5.0 and updated its open-source emoji repository, Twemoji, to match. The new emoji are part of Unicode 10.0, which means that support is a bit limited for now. A number of iOS and MacOS users, for example, commented that they couldn't see the new emoji. On the Android side of things, Emoji 5.0 is fully supported on most devices bearing Android 7.0 (Nougat) or higher, but all devices will support it as of Android O, along with the redesigned emoji that the new version of Android will bring. This update to Twitter is reflected in Twitter's open-source Twemoji repository, which is now at version 2.3 and boasts full support for Unicode 10.0 and Emoji 5.0.

The new set of emoji on show here number 56 in total, alongside numerous new options for emoji variants like gender and skin color. The main feature of this new emoji set is diversity and inclusiveness, though the 56 new emoji introduced with the update are an integral part of the new user experience. New emoji include those that shush others, wear a monocle, and even have their head explode. The latest set also places emoji characters in a sauna and includes gender and skin tone options for fantasy races like elves and merfolk, and even gives some exposure to mages. New flags and animals are also a part of the update, including the long-awaited Tyrannosaurusaurus Rex and hedgehog. Most popular Android devices are expected to have full support for Unicode 10.0 and the new Emoji 5.0 before the end of this year.

Google is getting rid of its custom-built blob emoji set once and for all with Android O, and this change comes just in time to offer full support for the new round emoji that will come with the new OS version. Presumably, this means that Twitter should also support the new emoji from Android O in older devices that get them through unofficial means. Support on Twitter should already be live for most users, so if you're not seeing the new emoji, you'll likely have to wait for an update to your device to view them properly.

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