Twitter Is Letting Businesses Use Ads To Get Users Into DMs

Twitter is now letting businesses use advertisements to get users into DMs. More specifically, Twitter is leveraging a new type of ad on its platform that is set up in such a way that it attracts users to talk to a chatbot for that business. These conversations in direct messages can be personalized to a user and result in unique experiences based on the answers or responses given. For example, Patrón Tequila currently has an advertisement up that entices users with a recommended cocktail. To get the recommendation though users will need to talk with the Bot-Tender chatbot and answer a few questions that will lead to a personalized drink, presumably based on what the user may like, though the ad kicks things off by asking users to pick a summer moment including things like a party and a cookout.

Twitter says the new ad-driven chat bot experiences are meant to get users to interact with the brand on a more fun and personal level, as they want to help brands have a more enjoyable experience with their customer interactions, and on the same token they want users to have a more enjoyable experience with these interactions too.

Businesses that opt to use the new ads in tweets are able to customize the ad card to fit their particular business by using an image that promotes their brand, and they're able to add four buttons which uses can interact with that are named call-to-action buttons, each having a unique response that can be provided by the user when pressed, such as the description of the "party and cookout" options mentioned above. In addition to adding an image, businesses can also choose to add in a video instead of the image if they feel like it will be more fitting for the advertisement card. After the interaction, users will have the option to tweet the interaction to their own followers thus helping spread the word and awareness for the ad as well as the custom interaction with the brand. At the moment Twitter is reportedly just trying out this new format to see how it takes with brands and whether or not it gains any notable traction to keep it going, but if all goes well with businesses users may see more of these popping up in the near future.

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