There's An Easter Egg Mini-Game Hidden In Fitbit's Charge 2


Fitbit's wearable, the Charge 2 has a secret game and it doesn't take an awful lot to get access to it. To get to the game, Fitbit says users have to meet every goal throughout any given day. That means step, distance, floors, burned calories, active minutes, and the reminder to move goals all have to be either hit or surpassed within a single day. After completing the goals, users just have to click through the screens on their device and the game will be at the very last screen. It fires up in the same way as the Relax guided breathing, by holding the button down. Fitbit says it included the Easter Egg as a way to "gamify" fitness and thus drive people to meet their fitness goals. By way of example, the company says Fitbit Challenges and Adventures compel users who take part to walk, on average, more than 2,000 extra steps per day. That's right around a mile's worth of extra activity earned every week. Meanwhile, users who take advantage of the Reminders to Move feature rack up nearly one and a half extra miles per week – around 500 steps per day. This game is meant to add one more layer as motivation.

The game itself operates similarly to how Flappy Bird works. Pushing the button in rapid succession will move up faster and slowing down has a lowering effect, with the main goal being to avoid columns set along the top and bottom of the screen. Players are presumably meant to focus on earning and then beating their own highest scores. That's pretty simple but, as mentioned above, it really doesn't take much to get people up and active.

Easter Eggs aren't all that uncommon across Android or in gaming itself for that matter. What makes this one so interesting is that it also begs the question as to whether or not Fitbit has hidden away any similar Easter Eggs inside any of its other wearable devices. Also, why haven't more fitness-driven wearable or smartwatch makers caught onto this idea of motivation through games? In any case, users who want to give the game a shot can follow the directions laid out above.


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